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How to Pick the Perfect Photo Booth

When Photo Booths first came onto the Wedding & Events scene around fifteen years ago, most thought they were simply a fad that would disappear in a few years time. How wrong they were! Nowadays, they are a staple at Private Events across the globe. But with this progression over time, has come a vast development in the range of Booths available to customers. In this guide, we'll do our best to give you an overview of which Booth may be right for you.

Traditional Oval Booths

These are the tried and tested, well loved booths that first triggered the movement. Housed in either an oval or rectangular formation, these booths take album-quality landscape photos of up to 6 guests per time. They take the longest to construct, usually around an hour, and will arrive at your venue in 6-10 boxes. So if the venue has poor access, you will need to factor in that the operator(s) will need additional time to set up.

PROS: Everyone knows and loves these b…

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