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twenty one pilots Release Unexpected New Single

Can anything stop this band releasing kick-ass tunes? Despite having just had his first child and the world being in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic, Tyler Joseph and bandmate Josh Dun have released a brand new track; aptly named “Level of Concern”. At the time of writing, the YouTube video for said track has amassed just under 500,000 views in 90 minutes. Wow.

Whilst the track itself is not too heavy a departure from the sounds present on most recent release “Trench”, the video does feature Tyler playing an Electric Guitar – something he hasn’t done in live shows before. Sonically, the track is probably most similar to “My Blood”, building on the upbeat funky pop sound of the aforementioned hugely successful single. There are clearly some funk influences present – and I can’t help but hear a little bit of Two Door Cinema Club’s most recent efforts in this track.

The funky guitar part plays a huge role on the track – as does the slap-bass style a…

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The Tale of Two Gigs and the Sum of All Parts

Sum 41, Kentish Town Forum, 2005 & Sum 41, The Dome Tufnell Park, 2020 When I was 12 I was handed Sum 41’s blockbuster ‘All Killer, No Filler’ and I fell instantly in love. Fast forward 3 years and I’d get to see them as my first ever Academy size show. Fifteen years later, I was blessed by another opportunity; an exclusive and intimate show at The Dome, just over 500m away from the Kentish Town Forum, where I’d seen them play 15 years before.In this article, I will aim to discuss how those two experiences compared, and if and how the band’s delivery has changed over the years.

Sum 41, Kentish Town Forum, 2005

I remember arriving at the Forum in Kentish Town, my home town, on the 17th of July 2005. The Forum is a special place for me. Three generations of my family have called it their watering hole and this was my first experience of it. We arrived early, very early, at around 2pm on a hot summer Sunday. There was already a queue of eager fans s…

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How to Pick the Perfect Photo Booth

When Photo Booths first came onto the Wedding & Events scene around fifteen years ago, most thought they were simply a fad that would disappear in a few years time. How wrong they were! Nowadays, they are a staple at Private Events across the globe. But with this progression over time, has come a vast development in the range of Booths available to customers. In this guide, we'll do our best to give you an overview of which Booth may be right for you.

Traditional Oval Booths

These are the tried and tested, well loved booths that first triggered the movement. Housed in either an oval or rectangular formation, these booths take album-quality landscape photos of up to 6 guests per time. They take the longest to construct, usually around an hour, and will arrive at your venue in 6-10 boxes. So if the venue has poor access, you will need to factor in that the operator(s) will need additional time to set up.

PROS: Everyone knows and loves these b…

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