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Every musician will, at some point, need a music shop.

Whether you're looking for sheet music, tuition books, music related software or instruments and accessories, there are music shops around the UK that supply everything the musician could need, whether you're a novice just learning to play your first guitar or a professional musician looking for the ultimate instrument.

Good music shops can be found in all major towns and cities so, unless you live in an extremely remote area, there's almost certainly one in hitting distance.

Most shops will carry a reasonable selection of the most popular sheet music and songbooks, tuition DVDs and CDs, music software and instruments and accessories in a range of qualities and price classes. However, if you're looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, the staff of good music shops should be able to order whatever you require, as long as it isn't an obscure instrument or similar, that's found in only a few examples. After all, nobody can be expected to work miracles.

The staff of a good music shop will be able to help you find exactly the right kind of sheet music to suit your preferred 'sound', will be able to give you professional, well-informed advice on the available instruments and any accessories that you'll need and will know exactly what kind of amp would suit your specific needs.

If you're completely new to music or looking to learn a new instrument, the staff should also be able to point you in the direction of a good tutor.

In other words, a good quality music shop should be much more than just a place where you can buy music related items; it should be a one-stop resource for all your music needs regardless of your level of expertise.

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