Wedding Bands For Hire In The UK

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Are you planning your wedding day?

Do you want live music, a DJ or both?

This page contains links to all the wedding bands listed in our database and to make your search easier they are listed alphabetically by County
Our directory of bands play various genres of live music for weddings and functions including:

  • Rock & Blues
  • Country and Western
  • Pop
  • Boy & Girl Pop
  • Indie & Indie Rock
  • Funk
  • Soul
  • Jazz
  • Folk
  • Rap & Hip Hop
  • Electronic & Ska

The following Music Agencies have live weddings bands available for hire:

Advice on booking a wedding or function band:

  • Book the band that YOU want to hear and dance to at your wedding, NOT what everyone else thinks you should have
  • Review their set list
  • If you have a favourite song for your first dance and it is not in their set list ask the band if they are able to play it
  • Review their sound files or videos
  • Review thier client testimonials, if they do not have any then ask if they have any customers willing to provide one on the phone or by email. Some testimonials are published on our website
  • Check that the band has full public liability insurance, some venues will not allow live bands without it
  • Ask the band if all their equipment has been PAT tested, some venues will not allow live bands if they do not
  • If you are not hiring a wedding DJ then ask the band if they are able to play selected CD music during any breaks or during the wedding breakfast

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