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The Jam AFFECTS Having tried and tested lots of songs by The Jam in the forever MOD band the lads decided it only fair to contribute to The Jam tribute list.
The songs speak for themselves and are backed up by three talented musicians delivering the power, performance and style The Jam had.

Not only playing the hit singles The Jam AFFECTS pick on album tracks and B sides to add to the show. Also performing covers the Jam did like GET YOURSELF TOGETHER, DAVID WATTS and others. The set is awesome to take in and experience.

If you want close in sound and style to The Jam, this is it.

Address: Rotherham South Yorkshire

The Jam DRC

The Jam DRC A mutual love for The Jam is the driving force behind The Jam DRC.

Named after the 5CD box set, which gathers together pretty much everything the Jam ever recorded, The Jam DRC are Jam fans playing Jam songs.

The song list is extensive and gets in all the popular numbers plus some unexpected ones, capturing what The Jam were like at their height and in their live element.

If you never saw The Jam live, then The Jam DRC go some way in showing how great they were.

The Jam DRC are as close to the sound and power as you can get.

  07821 659 141

Website The Jam DRC

Address: Halesowen West Midlands

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