When Photo Booths first came onto the Wedding & Events scene around fifteen years ago, most thought they were simply a fad that would disappear in a few years time. How wrong they were! Nowadays, they are a staple at Private Events across the globe. But with this progression over time, has come a vast development in the range of Booths available to customers. In this guide, we’ll do our best to give you an overview of which Booth may be right for you.

Traditional Oval Booths

These are the tried and tested, well loved booths that first triggered the movement. Housed in either an oval or rectangular formation, these booths take album-quality landscape photos of up to 6 guests per time. They take the longest to construct, usually around an hour, and will arrive at your venue in 6-10 boxes. So if the venue has poor access, you will need to factor in that the operator(s) will need additional time to set up.

PROS: Everyone knows and loves these booths. They take high quality prints in a landscape format, and can even have a screen attached to the exterior showing the most recent picture.

CONS: They take around an hour to construct (even if companies tell you otherwise), and are limited to landscape photos.

Magic Mirrors

Magic Mirrors burst onto the Scene in 2016, providing what many considered to be the “Bigger Brother” of the traditional Photo Booth. Standing at a height of approximately 5 foot 4, these Mirrors house a touch screen that has a camera and other features hidden behind it. When users are ready to take their photo, they will tap on the screen, which will animate the countdown and provide audio messages complimenting them on their appearance between photos. Some Mirror companies even allow you to sign the prints on screen too!

PROS: These Mirrors take Portrait Photos as opposed to Landscape, meaning you can fit your entire outfit into the shot. As there is no enclosure, you can also fit a larger group of guests into the photo. We have seen as many as 15 squeeze into a photo before! The Mirror also houses 90% of the electronics inside, meaning it usually only takes 10 minutes to set up.

CONS: Not having an enclosure means you can fit more guests in, but some clients do like to have the physical enclosure to “go into”, so this is very much a question of personal taste. Whilst it is much quicker to set up than the traditional Photo Booth, it is also considerably heavier. These Mirrors are not suitable for events that are not either housed on the ground floor, or reachable by a lift.

360 Slow Motion Booth

In 2019, the newest craze emerged, the 360 Slow Motion Booth. Commonly seen at glamorous events such as the Oscars and Grammy’s, these Booths actually take slow motion videos as opposed to pictures. Guests are invited by the operator to stand on a circular platform, where the camera will do one full rotation of those aboard. It will then convert the video in to slow motion (and also a boomerang-style effect if desired), which produces some simply stunning results. Consider having your guests fire confetti or blast fake dollars from a money shooter for some truly unbelievable results!

PROS: These Booths have burst onto the scene very quickly, and have garnered huge popularity among celebrity features. The videos are extremely fun, well-lit and can be shared on social media in mere moments (although you will need a Wi-Fi connection of course). They are also very quick to set up.

CONS: As they take videos, and not photos, the 360 Booths do not produce any physical print outs, but provide videos which are emailed to guests instead. Some clients, budget allowing, occasionally find space for both the 360 and a Traditional Oval Booth when possible!

Roaming Booth

Another new entrant into the Photo Booth world is the Roaming Photo Booth, or iRoamer. This is basically a handheld device, which means it is the only one of these 4 services that can travel across the venue all night. It can come with or without a printer, and can take either portrait or horizontal photos, depending on your preference (although you must pick one, it can’t rotate between the two).

PROS: If you’re looking to bridge the gap between having a Photo Booth and a Photographer, then this is the perfect option, as it can travel across the venue and take pictures in a variety of locations.

CONS: As the operator is moving all across the venue, it isn’t really possible for them to carry props around with them. Consider distributing props at the start of the night, or having a “Props Station” where guests can dress up to really maximise the experience!

In Summary, there are a number of options available in the modern market to create wonderful photo experiences. Photo Booths & Magic Mirrors remain the most popular choices for Weddings, but we are starting to see an increase of 360 Booths used at these events as they are so fun to use. Corporate events adore these booths above all else, and the Roamer can be the perfect accompaniment to any of these services!

For more info on these services, or advice on how to select the right booth for your event, please contact Booths By Lux.