Rapunzel studios has probably the best microphone collection of any recording studio in the west country. Vintage microphones that were previously only available in the biggest studios can now be used by you at cheap project studio prices right here in Seaton, Devon. Rapunzel studios boasts views of the sea and is placed next to a peaceful meadow.

George Arnold is a trained audio engineer and has over a decade’s experience in making records and is ready and waiting to make you sound your best. He plays all kinds of instruments from Double bass to trumpet to guitar to drums and has a knowledge of a wide variety of music so if you’re looking for a bit extra on your songs look no further.

Rapunzel Studios is fully portable and we can come and record you at your place if you’d prefer to be in a surrounding more familiar to you. We can also come and record your show with our mobile rig if you’re after a ‘live’ album. Video services are also available upon request.