Frederic Gassita, one of the leading figures of African jazz, presents a celebration of Bantu music with Jazz. He will be performing live in a concert in London for the first time ever, featuring a mighty orchestra, guest singers, and dancers.

Frederic is Gabon’s most celebrated musician, composer, and producer, having recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra, as well as performing in Africa, Europe, and Asia. On Sunday, June 19th, he will present his beautiful new project for the first time outside of Africa at London’s Barbican. A rare opportunity to witness the richness of African music, a virtuosic, lively and joyful musical experience.

Weaving Bantu culture and traditions with the spontaneity of jazz, and spiritual and ecstatic classical arrangements, Frederic Gassita brings his vibrant Bantu Jazz Orchestra featuring a big band, an orchestral string section, the Eben Voices of Gabon Choir, special guest singers and a dance troupe, to make a grand show featuring over 70 artists.

“I’m so excited to share my musical style, which fuses jazz and Gabonese rhythms, with a British audience,” says Frederic. “Anyone who loves jazz or is curious about discovering new music is welcome.”

The concert takes place on Sunday, 19 June at 7:30. pm at the Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London.

Tickets are on sale starting April, 15th and can be purchased online at




Price: General Admission: GBP 20.00

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