Live music and exhibition of abstract paintings by Manchester artist Gideon Conn support form Hannah Ashcroft and Charlie Pink About this event Gideon Conn has been blending music and art in his own unique way for the last two decades. His songwriting is intriguing and endearing. He will be showing a series of brightly coloured abstract paintings that have been the focus of his work for the apst two years.

‘What follows is, indeed, eccentric, and often amusing. Conn is far from being a comedy act, however. More he’s Manchester’s answer to Jonathan Richman, with all the wide-eyed joy that tag implies. I can’t remember the last time I smiled so much at a gig.’ – Manchester Taper

‘The people of Britain may not know it yet , but Gideon Conn is one of their national Treasures.’ – Scroobius Pip

Support From Hannah Ashcroft & Charlie Pink

Hannah Ashcroft’s new single, Shadow, is a wondrously minimalist affair. Spacious synths and strung-out guitar lines surround her like mist – while Ashcroft’s words appear as if etched out on the shower pane. It’s the first time the Manchester musician and songwriter has been granted such space to exhibit her vocal, and she takes full advantage: her voice sounding effortless and chaste, the words linger like the tones of a smoky brew. While the opening verse offers a glance through the cracks, the song truly unveils with the arrival of the chorus. Here, Ashcroft sings ‘Everyone wants to know where you go / I follow in your shadow,’ over tasteful guitar picks that bend to her whim. A brittle song like this is incredibly fragile – just one attempt to elevate it too high can break the spell and send the whole thing crashing down. Thankfully, Ashcroft is well aware. Skilfully, she never ascends above the subtle high provided by the chorus, and tastefully lets the song leak out into the ether; its final notes lingering far beyond its run time. – review by paddy Kinsella for Secret Meeting.


Ashcroft has always enjoyed playing in the background – she plays in Lindsay Munroe’s and Chloe Foy’s backing bands – but with Shadow, we find an artist ready to make tentative, gracious steps into the limelight.

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Date of Event (Leave blank if you are not listing a gig)07/05/2022