Joel Culpepper is the artist’s artist and songwriter. He’s earned the support of his contemporaries on the underground jazz scene and respect of those he has been inspired by. With a once-seen-never-forgotten stage presence. His stand-out COLORS performance has received 13.5 million plays, whilst previous EP ‘Tortoise’ showcases his stand-out vocal ability. It’s on forthcoming debut album ‘Sgt Culpepper’ where Joel make’s his mark, pouring his heart and soul into a conceptual record that was two years in the making.

Out of Peckham and eventually settling in Catford, Joel has emerged a vibrant and dynamic artist, whose combination of funk influences, hard-hitting lyricism and undeniable stage presence has placed him as a truly unique proposition.

With ‘Sgt Culpepper’ confirmed for release imminently, expect to hear the new album performed in full tonight. Unmissable.




General Admission: GBP 12.50

Artists: joel culpepper

Time: 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

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Date of Event (Leave blank if you are not listing a gig)29th July 2021