Sample Testimonial from hundreds on wesbite – “I closed my eyes and they sounded just like the real Killers (who I have seen 36 times) – I am still coming down to earth” – Jill Penny (Killers superfan)

The Kopycat Killers attention to detail is intense, featuring sequenced studio sounds to emulate ‘The Killers’ own, backing musicians, stage wear, set choice and decoration (including the Killers own famous ‘K’ keyboard stand), it’s all present and correct. The band are all of the highest calibre and to a man incredible and hugely experienced rock musicians with University Degrees in their respective instruments.

Clients – Butlins, Killers Victims Fan Club, Doc Martins, The Garage London, Kings Tuts Glasgow, Sophos, Tribfest, Big Tribute Fest, Darlington Arena, Trinity College Cambridge, Durham University, Oxford University, James Dean Sausage and Cider Fests, Summer Sounds Festival and many, many others…..