New Foundry Studios has 5 fully equipped rooms:

Studio 1: This space is in the centre of TNFS and is used for recording, filming, mixing/producing and singing tuition. It has a highly soundproofed recording booth.

Studio 2: Is the largest space at TNFS and is fully soundproofed for band rehearsals. It has a dance floor and mirrors including a p.a. system. Amps, microphones, monitors, and drum kits are available to use.

Studio 3: Is a smaller space at New Foundry Studios, and is ideal for 1-2-1 teaching, meetings, or to hire as an office.

Studio 4: Is the smallest room at TNFS used for recording, as it is soundproofed and 1-2-1 tuition. Studio 5: Has mirrors and a p.a. and is used for dance and general tuition and rehearsals.

Reception & Music Shop: TNFS now has a comfortable reception space used for chilling out and also has a shop for drinks and snacks and now sells instruments Feel free to take a look at our website where you will find a video of the studios.