Bad Nerves. The Band that Saved Rock and Roll [UK Tour Dates]

Bad Nerves. The Band that Saved Rock and Roll [UK Tour Dates]

Punk? Indie sleaze? Perfectly imperfect dirty rock? We just don't know but we can't stop thinking about them. After years of a somewhat stagnant guitarless UK music scene, London band Bad Nerves are a breath of fresh air. Whether struggling grassroots venues or an upsurge in electronic music are to blame, the scene has almost lost its way. These bands are there, we know they are. But pure, unashamed rock and roll seems like a dying art.

But then we find Bad Nerves. Chaotic, punchy, and confident, these boys get it. As far as their sound goes, there are elements of trashy punk rock and also moments of sophistication, with frontman Bobby Nerves’ vocals hinting at the nostalgia of the Indie music scene that was prevalent in the early 00s. Reading a forum recently, a fan also described them as ‘punk adjacent’, so their influences are clearly pretty vast. I'm almost sure this is what makes them stand out in the current scene, the one where artists are all too often pigeonholed into genres we then create our next playlist from.

I did at first question myself and my reaction to the band. Almost dismissing them as ‘not punk enough’ and feeling like their image (think Ramones + Strokes love-child territory) and their sound didn't fit. But after some time, realisation sunk in that their transcendent, chaotic nature is, in itself, ‘punk enough’. They don't conform to style boundaries, instead choosing to explore their own sound and what makes their audience tick. Back in 2017, NME described them as “short, punchy garage rock laced with energetic hooks” and I’d be inclined to agree. The energy is what sells them. In a big way. That and their iconic look which I think we can all agree is undeniably memorable.

The 8th of June this year sees Bad Nerves perform their full second studio album- entitled ‘Still Nervous’, during their official album release show at The Garage, Islington. Without a doubt, Antidote is the stand-out track on the record, giving off pure punk vibes. The ferocity of the guitar riffs firing up every moment of what has the potential to become an iconic song for the band. Pushy, brave, and pretty vicious. Honesty, I love it. This band can't help but incite chaos among their audience and I can't think of a crowd I'd rather be in right now than theirs.

Upcoming Bad Nerves UK Tour Dates

Nothing But Thieves Support Dates

After a hugely successful run of shows over in the US, the band are also soon to be supporting Nothing but Thieves at two dates in June (19th, Cardiff Castle) and July (3rd, Millennium Square, Leeds) with The Snuts also joining the Cardiff gig. Tickets can be found for both summer dates here.