Taylor Swift releases secret double album with frankly honest title

Taylor Swift releases secret double album with frankly honest title

Taylor Swift releases ‘secret' double album with frankly honest title. Fans finally get to experience "The Tortured Poet's Department".

Possibly her most intimate record to date, Taylor bares all in a way she hasn't before, with a frank recount of her life on this album. And I'm here for it in a big way. There are some bangers on there, huge stadium tracks. And a few deeply melodic moments worthy of the poetry label. One track hints at the old Taylor; “But Daddy, I Love Him” hits straight off with some heavy country love. She knows what her audience wants and that's a complex mix. Tender moments, songs they can cry at, and those iconic Swifty huge hitters. On this album I'm entirely convinced she's got that right. Kinda helps that there are an insane 31 tracks to choose from though. (See a full track list here.)

“Florida!!!” in collaboration with Florence + the Machine is a heady mix of uplifting choral melodies worthy of any pair as iconic as these two, but with some deeply self-destructive content in there too. On first listen, it appears to be this classic anthemic track. The kind you'd expect from a collaborative piece in 2024, but in truth the combined songwriting powers of two of the world's leading women in music have led to something of epic proportions. And it's one hell of a drug.

While we're talking collabs, she had to have just one more. And I don't blame her, this one's incredible. The title track of the most anticipated album of this year is another epic combination, with Post Malone taking to the starting blocks and bringing with him a whole new fanbase right into Taylor's sphere. Whether they'll stay following this track is anyone's guess, but it works. It's a melodic masterpiece showcasing the very best they both can offer. Definitely deserves the first spot on an album that takes us places we really didn't expect it to. A hero track without a doubt.

Emotions run high on this record too. She delves into things that make her angry, depression, helplessness, and relationship breakdowns, some even calling it an anthology of Taylor Swift's lost loves. Title-named track “The Tortured Poet's Department” acts also as a nod to the place she's in right now. And it's somewhere I don't think we've seen her before, or actually ever expected to. Referencing some hefty names, Swift writes “I laughed in your face and said; You're not Dylan Thomas. I'm not Patti Smith. This ain't the Chelsea Hotel. We're modern idiots.” A far cry from the days of Love Story and its classic boy meets girl ideology.

On the whole, I think Taylor gets it right with this record. She's been incredibly frank and open with her audience, something only worthy of respect. Her mix of sophisticated writing and lighter, young Taylor-esque, moments will please her fans and offer promise for live performances in the future. Rolling Stone described it as “wildly ambitious and gloriously chaotic” and I'd be tempted to agree. At least with the second part.

Taylor's Eras tour sold out instantly worldwide on its initial ticket run last year, with bagging tickets harder than getting yourself to Glastonbury. There are still 18 UK and Ireland dates left on the run, with a handful of tickets possibly still up for grabs. Your best bet, if you're still hoping to see her this year, is to join the queue and cross your fingers! All available dates can be found here.

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