The Rapturous Rise of The Last Dinner Party [+UK Tour Dates]

The Rapturous Rise of The Last Dinner Party [+UK Tour Dates]

For someone with an insatiable addiction to Florence Welch and the power she commands over a crowd, new girls on the block The Last Dinner Party are a luscious and unexpected gift, a true delight to listen to. I have been pouring over their new album, released early last month, with total greed. As debut albums go, this one is pretty damn good.

Band members - who’s who?

An all-female British indie rock band consisting of Abigail Morris (vocals), Emily Roberts & Lizzie Mayland (guitars), Georgia Davis (bass), and Aurora Nishevci (keys), whose collective rise to fame has been an explosion of talent and style only to be compared to that of the greatest rock and roll stars we all know and love. With Rebekah Rayner (drums) sharing the stage during live performances, the outfit is complete. 

'Nothing Matters'; the debut single from their album entitled 'Prelude to Ecstasy' has been described by Rolling Stone as an “art-rock bombast” and I think this says it all. Their style can only be described as Miss Havisham meets Jaggar. Lace, floral headpieces, killer boots… all behind electric guitars, and modern gothic dance moves that the audience can't seem to get enough of. Morris, as frontwoman, absolutely kills it. She's gracefully floating barefooted across the stage one minute, and giving mighty heavy rock and roll vibes the next, almost hurling herself into the front row.

Why performing live is key to their success

As the band has insisted during every interview they have ever given, live performance is everything. Recording is fine, it's a way to get your work out there in the world, but for The Last Dinner Party, the feeling they can give an audience from being right there, as close as they can, screaming the words back up at the stage - that's why they do it.

We all felt the drastic effect that COVID-19 had on the music industry, but Morris and her band felt it perhaps more than most. Forming in 2019, they had little to no chance of breaking through as the hottest new act on the scene without live performance. And they knew it. After the most frustrating hiatus in history, they finally got their moment. A return to semi-normal life saw the band spend two years gigging intimate venues, working incredibly hard to tell their story to the world.

Morris stated in a recent NME interview, “We all had friends who were in bands in that scene in London – I feel like that’s the only connections we had. Like, ‘Oh, my mate’s in a band, so he can suggest us to play at this pub or we could open for this guy’s band that we know”. They put the work in the hard way and gained a fan base naturally. This was enough to secure themselves a place in the ranks as a band that are truly here to stay.

How to bag yourself tickets

So, here’s how to get yourself to a show this year… After a hold-your-breath moment a few weeks back, I managed to secure tickets for London’s Eventim Apollo, one of a handful of dates the band is playing as part of their UK 2024 tour. Due to popular demand, just days after releasing tickets, they’d added several extra dates, and of these, there are only a handful left, so be quick!

Here are the remaining dates for their UK venues this year, along with tickets for Leeds & Reading, where you’d be lucky enough to catch their set. If you’re heading to London on the 16th of October, you’ll find me somewhere in the crowd in my best floral, gothic glory as a nod of respect to everything that is The Last Dinner Party. See you there x

The Last Dinner Party Tour Dates