Tori Amos Announces UK and European Tour for 2023

Tori Amos Announces UK and European Tour for 2023

Fans of singer-songwriter Tori Amos will be thrilled to hear she's embarking on a UK and European tour this year. After supporting her 2021 album "Ocean To Ocean" with a string of dates earlier this year, Amos is now set to perform six shows in the UK as part of her European tour.

The UK tour will begin on March 25 at the Edinburgh Queens Hall and conclude on April 3 at the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London.

Amos is known for her emotive and powerful vocals, as well as her deeply personal lyrics that often touch on themes of feminism and social issues. With over 25 years in the music industry and a devoted fan base, a Tori Amos concert is not to be missed.

Tori Amos UK Tour Dates

Who is Tori Amos?

Tori Amos is a trailblazing singer-songwriter and pianist who has been captivating audiences with her emotive vocals and deeply personal lyrics for over 25 years. Hailing from North Carolina, Amos began classical piano training at a young age and went on to study at the Peabody Institute before pursuing a career in music.

Her 1992 debut album "Little Earthquakes" established her as a unique voice in the industry, with hits like "Silent All These Years" and "Crucify" showcasing her vulnerable and confessional songwriting style. Over the course of her career, Amos has released a total of 15 studio albums, each showcasing her evolution as an artist and her willingness to tackle social and political issues in her music.

In addition to her successful solo career, Amos has also been involved in numerous philanthropic efforts, including founding the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) and raising money for various charities through her concerts. With a devoted fan base and a reputation as a powerful live performer, Tori Amos continues to be a force in the music industry.