A short fortnight ago, A Day To Remember released the third single from their soon-to-be-released album, “You’re Welcome”.

What’s been interesting about what we’ve heard so far from the album is the huge stylistic differences between each track. Degenerates felt like an unnecessarily poppy effort that was aiming to follow on from the track “Rescue Me”, released alongside Marshmello earlier in the year. It still had a part of that trademark A Day To Remember sound, but somehow felt different.

Then we got Resentment, which sounded WAY more like an A Day To Remember track. In many ways the polar opposite to Degenerates, this track has a huge sound and will definitely be satisfying for those that enjoy the heavier punches ADTR like to pull.

Mindreader is a different beast to both of these tracks. The track instantly opens with a catchy riff, with a vocal line that sounds familiar to perhaps something that either Falling In Reverse or Good Charlotte might produce. The song seamlessly transitions into the Chorus, which is by far the highlight of this track.

Whilst still a poppy sounding effort, there is no denying that the chorus on this track is HUGELY catchy. “You’re laughing like I’m supposed to know, what you’re thinking but I don’t” is a well written line that portrays an emotion we all feel in relationships sometimes. The melody is well supported by 2 guitar parts that perfectly prop up the main hook.

Frontman Jeremy McKinnon had the following to add: “This song was one of my personal favorites off the new album from the day it was written. I wrote it with the incredibly talented Mike Green. Fun fact, it was the first song I’ve ever sent the guys in the band that was unanimously loved,” McKinnon continued. “This song was written to be a lighthearted take on people in relationships expecting their partners to read their minds.”

For a band that’s been active for over 17 years now, that says a lot about the strength of this song.

Producing an animated video is also an interesting decision. Sitting somewhere between the video for Linkin Park’s “Breaking the Habit” and cartoon smash hit “Dragon Ball-Z”, this video features an unknown character driving through a gloomy town before entering a room with a mystic present. She shows him a card reading “Lovers”, which cuts to an eerie character laughing before transporting to the band performing the chorus. This theme continues throughout the video, with the narrative developing throughout the verses and middle 8, while transporting back to the band for all 3 choruses.

The video was produced by Awesome Inc, who are best known for their work on “Squidbillies” and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”.

Whilst we still don’t know when “You’re Welcome” is being released, or the band will be touring next, this track is a hugely welcome (see what we did there) gift in current times. We’ve been singing along to this deftly catchy chorus for over a week now, and are sure you’ll love it too. View the video in full below.


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