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RayRay knows next to nothing about music and even less about the playing of musical instruments. During a long and strange career Ray finally found his niche in life by setting up Services Online Ltd in December 1997.

After forming a sponsorship deal with local rock & blues band "Arizona Calling" in late 1998, Ray found it extremely frustrating that amateur and semi professional bands were unable to promote themselves without the expensive and time consuming formalities involved with advertisers, managers, agents, promoters and contractual obligations. Gig Guide grew from that humble beginning.

The idea of a Gig Guide devoted to ALL bands and groups (not just a list of gigs for mainstream top professional bands) was something which grew in the early part of 1999 when Ray registered the Domain Name www.gig-guide.co.uk and set in place the ideas for providing a web site that could serve ALL bands and music related services. Now the searchable database, which is updated daily thanks to the input of information from bands and music related businesses provides an inexpensive format for them to reach a new and wider audience.

Gig Listings

SallySally is the heart of the organisation and also lives in Bedfordshire.

Her administrative skills include the the laborious and thankless task of pre-qualifying and approving (or deleting) all entries submitted to the complimentary advertisements and running the accounts side of the business.

The manual checking and approval of listings enables the Gig Guide to supply and retain current quality information and filter out unwanted spam and "off topic" submissions. Her enthusiasm and light hearted approach in supporting the work we do is invaluable in providing a service to our users.