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"One thing is sure in this industry. You never know what tomorrow brings. (And I've been in it longer than I care to remember) As a working covers band, 24 Fighting Camels need the best exposure we can get to allow prospective customers to find us, listen to our music and book us to play.

It is no good being a great band, with great music, if nobody knows you exist! So we are so glad to have found Sally and Gig Guide. It is probably the best marketing money you can spend to get noticed and also to promote your gigs. Its really easy to use and doesn't cost the earth. lets be honest here, not many bands concentrate on internet marketing and its really all about the music for most creative types.

So if you are one of those bands who want more exposure and seem to end up in studios all the time, because the live gigs don't seem to hit home for you, then go with Gig Guide. Give it a go, what have you got to loose? 24 Fighting Camels did a few years back and now we are as busy as ever. Don't sit back and wait for other people to do things for you. Your destiny is in your hands!"
From 24 Fighting Camels


Having worked as a musician for 15 years and subsequently setting up a live music agency, you come to realise how important it is to gain maximum exposure at the best price possible. Gig Guide has a long and trusted reputation on the web and has always been an invaluable tool for advertising bands, gigs and other businesses associated with the music industry. If you're starting a new band or project, Gig Guide should certainly be your first point of call.

Adam Mezzatesta, Bands For Hire