The Most In-Demand Wedding Entertainment for 2021 (and beyond!)

2020 was a simply devastating year for weddings. The global pandemic meant that the odds were that your special day was delayed or disrupted, over and over again. However, with things potentially looking brighter for 2021, many happy couples are now looking to get their upcoming nuptials back on track. In this blog, we at Last Minute Musicians will give you our top tips of entertainment that is great for 2021 and beyond!

Of course, we have no guarantees of what 2021 will look like – there may well be restrictions in place running over the summer and into the end of the year. However, all of the options listed here will be exceptional choices of wedding entertainment, no matter the circumstances!

Solo Acoustic Acts

Acoustic performers have always been popular at weddings, and for very good reason. Their flexibility, both in terms of their set up and repertoire, has always been a big plus – especially for any events with details that can change at the last minute. However, coming out of the other side of this pandemic, it could be argued that it gives them an even bigger advantage!

If there were any hypothetical restrictions on attendance, then a solo musician will take up less of your valuable guest slots, and many acoustic artists are able to perform outside with relatively little notice. That said, always make sure you update your wedding entertainment with any changes at the earliest opportunity!

Solo acoustic acts can specialise in all sorts of genres and styles. Some will perform up-beat rock/pop classics and rearranged versions of modern chart hits. Others might choose a more laid-back approach and opt for Jazz standards or easy-listening tunes. This allows you to pick a performer that is going to best suit the atmosphere you are looking to create.

This also means that there are many points at which you could look to book an acoustic act to perform on your big day. Many musicians will even offer package deals and other discounts, depending on the number of performances you book.

For instance, you may book a solo acoustic act to serenade you as you walk down the aisle, during a cocktail reception for your guests, over dinner or even for the party afterwards – If you were to book the same performer for all of these slots, you’ll get a much better deal than booking four separate musicians. 

It is important to get any specific requests over to your act in advance. This is especially true for music for your entrance or exit to the ceremony – musicians are only human, and even the most extensive repertoire will have its limits.

Many acoustic solo acts will also be available for international events like destination weddings (when permitted) via services like Gig Heaven.

Festival Bands

Right up to the start of 2020, Festival Bands were really starting to become one of the hottest entertainment trends in the wedding industry.

These bands perform in a “Mumford” or “Festival Folk” style and will usually have a repertoire of rock/pop classics that have been rearranged into a folk style, with a look to match.

With the loss of many of the largest festivals in 2020 and 2021, many happy couples might be looking to get their festival fill by taking advantage of the “WedFest” trend that was also big in 2019.

“WedFests” tend to be big outdoors events with lots of music, food, drink and dancing. This would bring a touch of that Glastonbury magic to their big day! If this sounds like your kind of wedding, then festival wedding bands will be absolutely perfect!

A festival band will be able to perform indoors or outside (with notice) and will usually offer at least two sets of 45 minutes in length. Many bands will also have the option to extend their sets (or offer additional ones) at an extra cost.

Cocktail Pianists

Another universally popular choice of entertainment for weddings is the cocktail pianist. If the pandemic has forced you to scale back your wedding plans to a smaller, more intimate celebration, then a cocktail pianist will be a superb choice of entertainment. This includes venues with sound/ volume restrictions in place.

Whether they are entertaining your guests as they arrive, serenading them during dinner or even performing a set to contribute to the atmosphere of post-dinner drinks, a cocktail pianist will provide an excellent background canvas for your wedding guest’s conversations.

Many cocktail pianists will have a wonderful repertoire of Jazz standards and classics, but some may also rearrange some jazzier pop hits into an instrumental style. They will often take requests for specific pieces, preferably given to them in advance.

If you’re looking to hire a cocktail pianist, they will usually perform in smart/ black-tie attire but will be happy to change that if you prefer.

If you’re looking to book any entertainment for your wedding, consider taking a look around the Last Minute Musicians directory. With over 2500 acts currently listed; it has never been easier to find the perfect act for your big day.

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